I have worked with Hari for about 3+ years. His knowledge of the current technology trends and capabilities to suit the business needs is surpassed only by his attention to details and scalability of the product he builds. His love and passion for technology shows in every work he delivers. Hari will always be my first choice for any tech work.

Working with a developer from across the world in a different time zone for a non-tech business owner can be generally tricky. But Hari made it look like no big deal by his understanding of my business priorities, pro active communication and prompt resolutions.

Hari is our Dr.Fix it. If all else fails, we go to him and he gets it fixed for us. Having someone who has both Front End and Back End knowledge has enabled us to have the tech problems fixed even if the issue was in a completely different part of the code from where we originally estimated it to be.


It’s very rare to see someone in Information Technology, well versed in varied technologies of web, mobile and backend like a complete package which Hari is. Hari not only knows what he knows but also knows and admits what he does not know without resorting to any false promises. When Hari commits to deliver something I can be confident that output will be thoroughly researched, organized, well presented and on time every time. We have had a good experience in working with Hari so Far and would strongly recommend him.


As a consultant, Hari was like the on the job trainer that my team needed. He not only told them what to do, but showed it to them and ensured that they understood what was being done and why. As a startup, a lengthy learning curve would prove extremely costly to us and we made just the right investment in Hari to help us sail through and shorten the phase.

Amit Mehta, CEO, Nucleus Software Solutions

Having Hari consult is like having an industry veteran as a part time CTO. Hari provided strategic technical directions to our product without which we could not have built a nimble product that the market needed.

Abhishek Ravi, CTO, Dream11 Pvt Ltd

Hari’s technical knowledge and experience helped us a lot beyond Android for which he had started consulting in the first place. Hari saved us a ton of time that would have otherwise been spent on research and experimentation and enables us to crunch the time required to develop and go live. Hari is highly professional in his approach and provides a ton of value, over delivering consistently.

Hardik Patel, Managing Director, InnoLearn Solutions

Hari is enthusiastic about to taking highly challenging technical project that has never before been done. He understood my requirements and made the best choices of front and Back end technologies according to my needs even if it sometimes meant to wipe away was all that done and start from scratch. Hari is extremely proactive, helpful and someone who you can completely trust with a software project when you have zero knowledge on software.