Machine Learning: A primer

In my 100th Tech 101 blog post, I am writing about a topic that I am yet to cover — Machine Learning. With the field now fairly mature and plenty of programming languages and companies supporting it with excellent software, it is high time for me to educate my readers on what exactly machine learning is.

In layman language, machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence. Machine learning uses statistical methods, a branch of mathematics. It enables a computer to recognise patterns from data. Using machine learning, a computer make predictions from data, based on previous data that it has already learnt from. Let’s learn more. Continue reading “Machine Learning: A primer”

There is a container for that!

Let’s imagine that you liked a bicycle at a sports shop and ordered one to be shipped to your home. How would you like it if the shop shipped everything seperately? The frame is in one box, while the wheels are in another. The gears and chain are a tangle, while the handlebar is just a stick with two rubber ends. The seat is a disembodied piece of cushion. Would you be happy with the sports shop and buy from them ever again? No, you’d love it if they ship it completely assembled. You want them to deliver it to you so that you are ready to go. The only fixing you would want to do is some tuning to the brakes and some adjustment to the seat height.

So why should software be any different? Why is it that when we install something, we should have to take care of installing the dependencies, hoping that they don’t clash with those of other applications? One app requires .NET run time version 4, but a new one you are about to install requires .NET run time 5. An app on Linux requires ImageMagick library, so now you have to go find it and install it first. To install Mac OS applications with dependencies, you need to learn about the entire ‘brew’ system.

What if someone simply ships an entire working app with all its dependencies as part of a ‘box’. Just like your bicycle, where the sports shop takes care of assembling the wheels, handlebar, gears, chain and the seat to the frame. That is the concept of containerised apps, these days made popular by Docker. Continue reading “There is a container for that!”