Build a pipeline to success with CI/CD

Meet Laura. She’s a popular author and has written 25 books. She’s been writing for 10 years. It takes her about 6 months to roll out a book, from draft to publication. Her books are on an average 150 pages long.

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Learn the A-Z of fonts

Your writing has a distinct style. There is a way in which you shape the letter ‘a’ that is unique to you. This is true for every letter and number you write. Your writing style is formal and measured when you are writing a proposal for your company or filling a government form. It is totally different, very casual, when you write a love note to your spouse. It may turn chaotic when you are simply scribbling ideas on a notepad, post-its or a napkin. One way or the other your writing style changes depending on the application. Also, your style of writing differs from your friends’s, boss’s or spouse’s style. It is unique to you.

The same idea is captured in the digital world in the form of font. A particular font is suited for a particular application. E.g. sans serif fonts for websites, serif fonts for newspapers and mono space fonts to represent engineering codes or mathematical formulae. And then, there is one font that is good for you. It appeals to your taste or represents your character.

Let’s dive into the world of fonts in this post and find out how they work.

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Follow the trend, use time-series DB

Let’s say you want live sports, but you are at work. You are not allowed to watch the game on video, but there are several other options. One of them is to visit the event’s official website and use the section for live text commentary. In text commentary, you will see a running log of the moments of the game. In football, the minute of the game serves as the lead, followed by a brief description of the action, e.g. “57′: Buffon saves a Ronaldo freekick by diving to his left.”. In cricket, you have the over and ball, followed by what happened, e.g. “17.4: Two runs. Kohli drives the ball to long-off, but Watson is in position to prevent the boundary.” Not only sports, but other events like parliamentary sessions, seminars and board meetings are published the same way, e.g. “10:32 am: Mr. John Doe, Member of Parliament from Acme constituency, takes the mic.” Let’s take this to the world of technology, with sensors recording the current temperature or an online analytics tool that watches every minute you watch a movie online, shop or read a blog. These tools record a minute-by-minute about what’s going on in the surroundings or what the user is doing on a website. In fact, minute-by-minute is an understatement and it is rather microsecond-by-microsecond. To help record this, the world of technology uses a special type of database called the time-series database. Continue reading “Follow the trend, use time-series DB”