Journey with the World Wide Web: Part 1

Every day, we intuitively type addresses of websites into our browser and within seconds get a nicely informative and designed webpage as we learn more, achieve more and get better at our life with the power of the World Wide Web.

But what exactly happens between the time that you type an address into your browser and the browser showing you the contents of a webpage. Turns out that hundreds of machines work together with clockwork co-ordination to understand what you requested, bring back the relevant information and show it to you on a page. The World Wide Web is a complex ecosystem of machines of different types that run around the clock to ensure that the website that you love so much is available to you 24/7.

Let us hop on a journey that takes you from the moment you request the URL of this page ( ) in your browser to the moment when this blog post shows up on your browser.

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Using browser extensions to enhance user’s browsing experience

What is a browser extension?

A browser extension is a piece of add-on software that is installed inside the browser and extends the browser’s functionality. Addition of functionality can vary based on the browser. Continue reading “Using browser extensions to enhance user’s browsing experience”

Should there be an app for that?

‘There is an app for that’. Almost every user who uses a smartphone, especially an iPhone, has heard of this famous catch phrase made famous by Apple in 2009’s World Wide Developer Conference. Why was the line so catchy and why did it become so famous? We have to look at phones before iPhone to analyse it. Continue reading “Should there be an app for that?”