How going Open Source empowers you: Part 1

One of the most common buzzwords used in technology today is ‘Open Source’. We keep hearing every now and then that a company A has made its offering open source. And on the other hand, we hear that a company B has switched its entire systems from proprietary solution X to open source solutions Y. And it is not tiny organisations that we are talking about. It is companies like Google, Oracle and Apache. Now before we see why those companies are using open source products and why they making their products open source, we need to understand what is open source.

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Using browser extensions to enhance user’s browsing experience

What is a browser extension?

A browser extension is a piece of add-on software that is installed inside the browser and extends the browser’s functionality. Addition of functionality can vary based on the browser. Continue reading “Using browser extensions to enhance user’s browsing experience”

Should there be an app for that?

‘There is an app for that’. Almost every user who uses a smartphone, especially an iPhone, has heard of this famous catch phrase made famous by Apple in 2009’s World Wide Developer Conference. Why was the line so catchy and why did it become so famous? We have to look at phones before iPhone to analyse it. Continue reading “Should there be an app for that?”